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If you’re looking to optimise the power & data connectivity of your home or office, Oceanside Electrical are the Gold Coast’s power poles sales, repairs & installation experts. To ask for a free quote, call a member of our friendly staff today on 5520 1553.

Why You Might Need Power Poles Installed Or Repaired

Power poles are a hugely cost-effective solution to providing electrical and data services to the various workstations in your office or home.

Many businesses in Australia have already welcomed power poles into their offices, boosting the connection and communication between island workstations.

We at Oceanside Electrical provide new pole installations, new overhead cabling, as well as service upgrades from single phase to multi-phase services. Our services also extend to the reparation of power poles.

Don’t let your business and your workflow get left behind; invest in power poles to optimise your organisation today. Oceanside Electrical can provide an easy-access, integrated solution for power, data and telephone.

The Benefits of Installing Power Poles

Installing power poles can have numerous benefits for your business:

• Power poles consist of two compartments which can then be subdivided, ensuring awesome connectivity, anywhere you need it.
• The clip-in boxes provided by Oceanside Electrical can be mounted at any height.
• Overhead cabling means that your office or workstation is then free from niggling wires that get under your feet.
• Power poles are versatile, and can easily be moved whenever you need to do so.
• We supply height-adjusting mechanisms so that you can modify the height of your pole.

Power poles not only help to improve the communication services between your workstations, but they also help to smarten up your office, freeing it from clutter. If you’re looking to optimise the power and connectivity of your business, why not get in touch with Oceanside Electrical to find out more about what we can do for you!

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